Forging The Realms: Making the Trains Run on Time

Forging The Realms
Making the Trains Run on Time

By Ed Greenwood

As a young boy, I was an avid model railroader, and I spent a lot of time doodling track plans. My dad advised me to make sure I included lots of sidings for switching and what he called “realistic operation.” And that way of thinking was what inspired me to design the Sword Coast the way it looks on the maps of the Realms.

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Ends Are Sometimes Better Left Loose
Brilliant. I think this is my favorite article to see each week.

For those confused on how DDN's modular rules might work, this may provide some insight:

@mikemearls: Uhhh... do you really not see all the 3e/4e that's basically the entire core system?


It is entirely unnecessary to denigrate someone else's approach to gaming in order to validate your own.

I think I could read Ed's reflections and accounts on a constant basis and never tire of them. I was never a really big fan of his novels, but his accounts of past games, world design, and his general thought processess are quite fascinating to me.
I just love listening to him talk. The way he says's so story like. He could read the phonebook to me and it would sound like a story
My two copper.
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