Green/Red Budget Wolves/Werewolves

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x Forest
x Mountain

4x Reckless Waif
4x Wolfbitten Captive
3x Hinterland Hermit
4x Timberpack Wolf
3x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Immerwolf
2x Instigator Gang

3x Naturalize
4x Moonmist
3x Caravan Vigil
3x Hunger of the Howlpack

3x Curse of Stalked Prey

I've been looking over the Transform mechanic a bit more tonight, and I just made a deck here. I'm trying to keep it Standard legal, but I will still definitely listen to suggestions for casual play as well (hell, it would give me a reason to use my 3 Grove of the Burnwillows).

After viewing potential candidates for this deck, this is what I have come up with so far. I definitely need to make changes to this deck, as I didn't get to spend as much time on it as I thought tonight.
Other notable Red or Green cards I've seen that COULD be of some use:
Dangerous Wager or Faithless Looting
Kruin Outlaw
Village Ironsmith
Pyreheart Wolf
Bower Passage (meh)
Lair Delve
Giant Growth
Urban Burgeoning
Savage Surge
Dynacharge (another meh)
Full Moon's Rise (definitely want 4 of those in here)
Descendants' Path
Sheltering Word
Wandering Wolf
Daybreak Ranger
Gatstaf Shepherd
Wild Hunger
Scorned Villager
Young Wolf

I did not look through any multicolored spells yet, except for Immerwolf and Huntmaster of the Fells... but the Huntmaster is definitely out of my price range.
Any other help with this deck would be much appreciated.

I would stick with werewolfs so here is my suggestions 

-3 [C]Hinterland Hermit[/c]

+3Gatstaf Shepherd or Scorned Villager

-4 Timberpack Wolf

+4 Kruin Outlaw

Add 1  more mayor if you can

Also -3 [C] Naturalize[/C] I think is a sideboard card

+3Full Moon's Rise

-3x Caravan Vigil

4x [C] Rootbound Crag[/c] or 4x Evolving Wilds 

I would remove the hunger for some removal like Pillar of Flame

Try to add 2x Kessig Wolf Run

And for draw power you can consider Wild Guess

For more mana fixing wait until Gatecrash to get the Grull guildgates if you cant afford Rootbound Crag

Hope this help you

I recommend trying Pyreheart Wolf. Its an excellent creature that can put tons of pressure on the opponent. I agree you need some removal. Pillar of Flame is good and you may want to consider Brimstone Volley.

Oh yeah, Naturalize is probably better for the sideboard unless you know what decks you'll be facing.
I honestly don't think 1 naturalize is a big issue if you're palying this casually; none of my casual decks have sideboards, but then aagin maybe thats just me. 
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