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this is just an unidealized version of UW midrange.  Since the deck is so similar, i'm assuming you're already aware of what they should look like. 

you should cut down on the cards that don't fit that model.  for example, entreat the angels is an expensive sorcery.  this deck wants to play as few sorcery speed things as possible.  that would hold true for the ues of any planeswalkers like sorin.  maindeck detention sphere falls into the same category.  it's only to be boarded in when you need that type of spell.

cyclonic rift is OK, but unsummon is less mana and can be used on your own creatures, which unsummon very often is used for.

definitely want the full 4 augurs and as many angels as you can get.

4 thought scours.  period.

another moorland haunt is a good idea as well, especially when you get those fountains.         

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Thank you for the reply. I've taken what you said into account.

I've added:

+1 Augur of Bolas
+1 Snapcaster Mage 
+1 Thought Scour

I took out:

-1 Entreat the Angels
-2 Detention Sphere

I'm going to keep the Cyclonic Rift in for now because I love the idea of bouncing back ALL their permanents as opposed to one. 1 Rift and 2 Unsummon should be OK for now.
I'm going to holdout on adding the second Moorland Haunt until I get the Hallowed Fountain I need.
Thanks to the draft tonight, I'm +1 Jace, Architect of Thought

Where can I make room for Jace in my deck?
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