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I listen to a lot of audiobooks, it's what gives me a chance to "read." I'm really happy to hear that the most recent Salvatore Drizzt books are comig to Audible, and the three choices given were all good (although I definitely had a favorite), and they're all head and shoulders above Peter MacNicol (awful)!

I will say that the best narration I've ever heard were the Wheel of Time books narrated by a husband and wife team. I would pick Michael Kramer over anyone to read any book any time.
Respectfully, I disagree. Peter Macnicol does a great job. He does all the voices with a lot of heart and energy. Sadly , I have an old cassette version. If only audible did a digital version. Now the Starless Night one by Simon Jones, that was terrible! The only time I''ve heard someone pronounce an "L" as as "F".
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