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I am attempting to rule on Avatars of Chaos.  Basically they are a conjuration and you cannot be more than the distance of the spell from the conjuration for them to maintain.  I am ruling that means in this case that each conjuration cannot be more than 10 squares from the other, in order for them to maintain.  Is this reading of the rules accurate (though technically since you are inside of a conjuration on each round, I could rule that all must be within range of that conjuration)?

Effect: You conjure images of yourself in 4 unoccupied, nonadjacent squares within 10 squares of you, and then you disappear from the world. Each round at the start of your turn, choose one of the four images. Your essence occupies that image, allowing you to act normally (including moving and making attacks).
Movable Conjurations: If the power used to create a conjuration allows it to be moved, it’s a movable conjuration. At the end of the creator’s turn, a movable conjuration ends if the creator doesn’t have line of effect to at least 1 square of the conjuration or if the creator isn’t within range (using the power’s range) of at least 1 square of the conjuration. 
Each conjurations could be more than 10 squares away from each others as long as they are within 10 squares of you.

By a strict RAW the power doesn't work though, because it conjure 4 images before making you disappear from the world and since your essence occupies an image only at the start of your turns, it means at the end of the first turn you create them, they will end because .you don’t have line of effect to them. Its clear the intent is that they shouldn't end though but it look like its currently broken.

I'll stick with my ruling then, thanks.
Well, even getting around the issue of the power not working at all, it's perfectly fine to have the conjurations 20 squares apart from each other, but each of them still within 10 squares of you.

Edit:  The above would work fine for normal conjurations, but this power is weird as hell.  Go with your initial ruling, that seems reasonable, and I honestly have no idea what the person who wrote this power was thinking.
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