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D&D News
D&D Audio Auditions

By D&D Team

Calling all Drizzt fans! We're excited to share the news with you that R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt novels will soon be available in audio format available through Audible.com—and we want you to help us select the narrator! Just listen to the following audio audio auditions from three of the best narrators in the business, and let us know which narrator is your favorite. Then, check back with us later on when we announce the new narrator and also share with you which titles will be available in audio (and when they'll be released). Happy listening!

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Please please please whatever happens: don't restrict the sale of the audiobooks in Australia!

There are so many good audio books that I am unable to pay good money for because of stupid sales restrictions on Audible, I don't understand how it makes any business sense to refuse my money.
I voted for Mark Boyett, i prefer his voice tone and reading skills.
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