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If Blue gets Delver, Green should have Nacatl. That, and I would like to see more decks than just midrange and combo.

/rant about modern tournament last night 


Green has a ton of efficient creatures, Blue has 2: Delver and Snappy. And Delver is conditional on its efficiency.
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Nacatl wasn't banned for being too powerful, it was banned because it meant every single aggro deck was the same.
honestly, i fail to see how thats a bad thing.  ive the metagame isnt diverse, then it leaves it open for players who can break it with interesting decks.



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I hope all this helps you to see things in a greater light—and understand that Magic: the Gathering was really created by extraterrestials using Richard Garfield as a medium. The game itself reflects the socio-psycho realtivity between living beings, and the science that takes precedence over them—to define reality for them all (like telekinesis, weather, scientific reaction, phenomenon, ingenuity, how the brain works, etc.). I'd also bet there is an entity floating thousands of miles above us, looking down on the current state of game, shaking its fist like... "Wtf are you doing?! You're getting it all screwed up!". Awkward—to be evolved, and yet still subject to the ladder that is the concepts of the game. In this case, misconception, corruption, and deception. With the realities of each color becoming distorted (through oblivious designers), leading the game to reflect a false state of reality that warps the understanding that other people have about those things. For example, people thinking that white could be anything except pure good. This shouldn't be too far off though, I mean...Magic is designed based on reality after all, so that entity (those entities) should be subject to those things. Anyways, I guess when you're busy doing space stuff you can't always be around to ensure quality control. It's no wonder they choose Garfield, they're so much alike; that's exactly what happened to him and Magic.
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omg snortng so much febbdelicious /intocixated in rl
Am I the only one who likes to call it "Nayan cat"?

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