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Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?

With no experience, or any real knowledge about the game, myself and 4-5 of my 24-27 year old friends have decided to try Dungeons and Dragons. Despite total ignorance in the game, we've gotten ourselves pretty excited about it and are looking to hire a DM to guide us in our quest.  A leader amongst the group has purchased a weighty set of books for version 3.5, while a number of others have done their part to acquire and share knowledge.  While all is being done under the guise of common interest, the play for power has begun, and a DM is needed to keep this rowdy pack in check. When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

So, we've got some books, but any required equipment would be nice, as we have nothing else.  We will also need some help in selecting/building characters.  We hope to meet once a week or so, and can pay around $15/hour (rate negotiable).  Location: New York City (Williamsburg, Brooklyn).  Please note:  we are need of a lively, fun, thick-skinned, and at times patient DM.  There will be a healthy consumption of ale and a good deal of boisterous behavior and berating one another.  While totally committed to this journey, we may not always be 100% focused on playing D&D the "traditional" way, so we would appreciate a DM with a sense of humor.


If so, we'd love to have a quick conversation with a potential DM to discuss gaming, logistics and understand what is required of us before we embark.

The things I do for love,
I heed your call old friend. Let us embark next Monday night!
Hey Man,

I am in a very similar situation, did you ever have this come to fruition? Would love to hear your recomendation if it did, good bad ugly.. etc.


Well, probably too late, but I dm for a 3.5 group in Staten Island, if anyone is interested they're welcome to join. Here's my email for questions:


Hey, you don't need to pay someone to run D&D for you.  Just go to a local hobby store and participate in some demo's or join a group until you get the hang of things.  Or just ask for input here online.
If this group is still looking for a DM I have just become available:
And no charge! :P
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