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Hey all.. New player/DM here. Just trying to figure out if there's anything official in the way the PCs are supposed to justify the way they carry stuff. Can a dwarf carry 3 two handed axes if they meet the weight requirements? My thinking is that if they can't explain how they're carrying it, they can't. So if you can't explain how you have a spear in your hands and a great axe on your back, you'll either have to figure it out, or drop one during combat if you want to switch.

Does this make sense or is there rules saying that items magically appear and disappear as you need them basically? 
No, there aren't any rules for this.  It's generally handwaved.  If you're really concerned, drop a bag of holding for the character in question.  Yes, that dwarf can indeed carry all those axes.

They (usually) can't hold and use multiple 2-handed weapons at once, however - if you want to switch between weapons, it's usually a minor to sheathe, and a minor to draw the other (although various feats and items improve this, like Master At Arms, Quick Draw, Deep-Pocket Cloak, Battle Harness etc etc.) - or a free to drop, minor to draw.
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 As mentioned there are no rules and it's generally handwaved. Feel free to reign it in if it's getting truly ridiculous, but otherwise it shouldn't really be an issue...

 A character wanting to put a three-foot sword in a backpack that probably isn't three feet deep or someone wearing five swords strapped to their back may push your sense of verisimilitude a bit but it's perfectly allowable by the rules as written since they simply don't bother to address the issue. It's not worth the effort to require the player to justify it. Quite a while back, some of us forum residents actually proved how someone could carry somewhere north of two hundred arrows on their person with no magical assistance and without overly inconveniencing themselves.
 (On a related note, as a player, I usually do go through the effort of figuring out how and where I've got all my gear and weapons stored, but just because I like contemplating those sorts of things - one of my rangers has three throwing axes strapped to each of her thighs in sort of a modified gunslinger rig...)
 On the other hand, someone wanting to carry around two dozen spears or ten suits of leather armor should probably find themselves required to give at least some vague thought as to how they're transporting them. (Any vaguely reasonable explanation should work.)

 In any event, short of the limit on how many weapons you can hold in your hands and the actions required to switch from one weapon to another, any discussion of how to store gear and what you can carry usually becomes mostly moot once the party acquires a bag of holding...


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