Tunnels And Trolls revamped to 4e

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I'm really not sure where to put this or ask questions about it.

I have revamped a Tunnels and Trolls adventure from the 80s so that it will work in 4e. My players loved it. The dungeon is level 8-10 and offers 12-20 hours of gameplay. It is 20 pages typed (size 9 single-spaced). Here are my questions:

1) First of all, can I share it? I plan full disclosure and will credit the original author of the TnT adventure, and I am not wanting to profit from it in any way. 

2) Am I allowed to post something that has a trademarked world and character? This adventure also takes place in Faerun and Elminster makes a cameo. 

3) If yes to #1, what is the best way to share it on the forums? Can I save it and upload it as a PDF?

I've posed this question on a few forums since I'm not sure which is the most appropriate. I look forward to any responsible advice. Thanks!