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I'm really not sure where to put this or ask questions about it.

I have revamped a Tunnels and Trolls adventure from the 80s so that it will work in 4e. My players loved it. The dungeon is level 8-10 and offers 12-20 hours of gameplay. It is 20 pages typed (size 9 single-spaced). Here are my questions:

1) First of all, can I share it? I plan full disclosure and will credit the original author of the TnT adventure, and I am not wanting to profit from it in any way.

2) Am I allowed to post something that has a trademarked world and character? This adventure also takes place in Faerun and Elminster makes a cameo. 

3) If yes to #1, what is the best way to share it on the forums? Can I save it and upload it as a PDF?

I've posed this question on a few forums since I'm not sure which is the most appropriate. I look forward to any responsible advice. Thanks! 
One of the things to keep in mind about protected property is that the owner of the trademark (or copyright or license or whatever) is the entity that must take action to protect their property. For example, I play in a band and the person that writes our music holds a copyright on that music. If someone else violates that copyright, it is up to my friend to take legal action against the person violating. The legal system will not take action on their own.

In a lot of cases, older properties may not have anyone actively monitoring the license. In which case, there is no one to pursue action against a person using it. Also, if the violation of the protected property is of a small scale, the property's owner may simply choose to ignore it (or only send a cease and desist letter) because the legal costs to take action are likely more than what would be recovered.

I don't know who owns the license for the T&T adventure stuff. And I definitely am not advocating that you share this material illegally. But I would be willing to be that if you just wanted to share the conversion with people there is likely a way to do that without getting into trouble.

I'd start with finding out who owns the T&T product license and see if you can contact them directly with this question. 
Tunnels and Trolls is currently owned by Flying Buffalo. Unfortunately, attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful (amybe they no longer exist?).

I think that since I am NOT attempting to make money from it and WILL credit the original designer, I'm in good. We'll see...
da duke, please share with me? :-)
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