Life Sucks and so does this deck...Let's see how many of you can fix it!

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What you're doing wrong is posting this in the Type 2 forum...
Also your talking about getting a lotus but a ten cent lacerator is too expensive? I smell a troll. Or a very confused man I'm not sure.
A troll?
What? I never said Lacerator was too expensive at all. I said his DAMAGE is a liabilty. He's actually really cheap. But even under vintage rules I'm only allowed one black lotus, for instance. I suppose I could swap ONE Dark Ritual with a Black Lotus but one of it isn't making a huge difference. One mana saved in a deck of 60 is hardly something to write home about.

You interpreted money cost. That really isn't an issue for me. I'm talking about the deck. I'll worry about cost later.

Isn't there two obvious problems here?

  1. You're trying to play aggro in Vintage. As I understand it, you play combo/borken stuff in Vintage (I admit to not being an expert here). Still if it works in your play group, then your group sounds fun and I'm not complaining.

  2. Far more importantly, you are in the wrong forums. Doubly so. This is Standard General. Not Vintage Deck Help.

You are having land trouble. Cut the Nirkana Revenant, Chosen of Markov, and Drana. Add three more lands. Preferably something white and black producing. Godless Shrine, Caves of Koilos, Isolated Chapel. If you still have mana troubles (you shouldn't), add a fourth land. The Play-by-Post recruitment hub for the forums. Stop by, join us, and sign up for some games while you are there

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71235715 wrote:
Aggro in vintage can work, but it requires some pretty specific cards.


Aggro in vintage can work, but it requires some pretty specific cards.

Yeah, they're called "Goblins."

IMAGE( Sig by zpikduM.

Okay, I think I figured out what the main problem with this deck was, actually.

It's not blue.

I mean, yeah, you can play not-blue in Eternal formats. You can also chop off your own arms and throw them at a wall until you knock it down. Both leave you in the same position: You'll lose every hand, and Luis-Scott Vargas will be substantially less likely to have sex with you.