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I am looking for a few more players for an online pathfinder game that would take place on Sundays.   We plan to use Map tools.  Ideally we are looking for mature(18+)players that have fun roleplaying.

I started playing Pathfinder a few months ago with some friends and i am looking to play more than once  a month. If you dont mind a player with only a few months experince, i am intersted in playing..

I was hooked the first time we played and i am hoping to get more play time in...
I'm interested
My husband and I are interested, is there still room available?  Thanks in advance.
Pathfinder Online is only known by the brief introduction put on its official website. Currently in the early phase of design, all of it stays in the conceptual level. I don't understand why the card game Kings and Legends can get a high score on Dotmmo site. So I read the reviews of it and I found this game features RTS and MMO elements. I have to say it is really not bad and I will have a try.
Recruiting closed.
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