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I was inspired by the Frostfire Bolt from WoW Wrath of the Lich King, and wondered if there was a way to implement this into 3.5. I know wizard would be one way with the bonus feats but does anyone know of any other classes or PrC's that would help?
If you're wanting something that combines cold and fire damage in one spell, you'd probably be best served with the Energy Admixture feat (Complete Arcane, pg. 78);  it requires the Energy Substitution feat (CA, pg. 79...and this requires Knowledge (arcana) 5 and any other metamagic feat), but it allows you to add the energy type you selected for the Energy Substitution feat to any other energy-based spell (so a fireball spell that has cold added to it would deal both fire and cold damage).

You could also go with some sort of off-build that utilises PrCs from both Sandstorm and Frostburn, but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.  I'll take a look later and get back to you.

Edit - You could get some spellcasting through PrCs so you could apply Energy Admixture to your spells.  I'm currently looking at Disciple of Thrym (Frostburn, pg. 56);  it grants you some limited divine spellcasting (with some cold spells) and you can enter it at level 5 as a Barbarian (requires non-good alignment, Intimidate 4, Survival 8, +4 BAB, Weapon Focus (greataxe), and Cold Endurance (Fb, pg. 47) or cold subtype).  This isn't the only class that has this oddity (granting spellcasting without requiring it for entry), but it's the only one I can access at this point.  
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