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I can't help but feel you'll get run over my any kind of aggro.  Goblins or Zoo, and probably Fish will be showing you 4 Bolts and 4 Inquisitions aren't enough disruption.  And 4 Pierce and 4 Dispel aren't going to be holding off removal.

Dispel should be some other counter, perferably one not restricted in what it can counter.  Ideally you'll want Force of Will.

Stifle seems like a weird call to MD with out Dreadnaught.  I take it's there to act as sudo land destruction from people cracking fetches?
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Hmm ... looks like your trading for , which means you're losing out on some of the best beats around, but making up for it with card advantage and disruption.

Anyhow, I see you've got the Stifle/Wasteland land destruction package, a decent counter-package (though FoW+Daze is typically the staple, I can understand because FoW is ridiculously overcosted monetarily). The only thing I'd suggest is to replace Grim with Deathrite Shaman, and throw in a Tropical Island somewhere in your 60.
Chalice@1 pretty much destroys you.
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