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Hopefully the actual "war" starts soon, nothing worse than playing a fighter and having no fighting to do (not to mention bringing down group perception and stealth checks)
hahah that fighters face is awesome

Yeah, I've had a similar experience... but I at least got to fight the drake in the pit, though that was not much of a challenge.  I lost initiative, so it got a shot at me, then I piled it on.  It was kinda quick...

The one place where I think the balance is missing in 4e is with skills for most defenders.  They get less trained, have an anemic skill list for the class, and many of the useful skills match to abilities that you are likely to dump.  

It really stinks because I have really find defenders to be very tactically pleasing in combat.  The format of the Encounter program always made defenders fun to play because you knew that it was basically an hour or two of doing your thing.  This season so far really makes defenders surplus, but I think there will be a few big fights in the second half of the season.


It bugs me to no end when people choose to play a class, specialize as much as possible in one thing, and then complain when they suck at other things. You don’t have to take all fighting feats just because you’re playing a Fighter. You don’t have to make Charisma your dump stat. Build your character for versatility and not power-gaming.

Since you get to level up every week (which lets you retrain every week) why not take a Skill Training feat instead of a fighting feat if you don’t think there’s enough combat to keep you busy.

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But this is going against advise given in DMG2.
A well writen adventure should not look at 35% of heroic adventurers and say "sit in the corner you're useless"
Like a skill challenge that only uses CHA skills or only uses INT skills, it should have an option or two for other adventurers.  
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