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Hello everybody,
I'll try to explain quick the situation I'm demanding help for, but if you need more informations please feel free to ask.

my DM will let me create  a power for the bard I'm currently playing (who is a scion of Asmodeus) to let him summon in combat the "Gates of Malsperanze" (the gates of hell). This artifact should act like a battle standard: granting bonus to the summoner, his allies and affecting the surroundin enviroment as well. For flavor reasons, I was told by the DM to put some kind of counterparts for obtaining the bonuses from the object.

bonus and environment effects should be related to the 9 layers of Baator astral dominion. According to how much the doors are opened by the summoning power, they should be linked to one of the Nine Hells. All the features of that level, and of all the layers before as well, should then be unlocked (Stack).

problem: need help to find NOT TOO POWERFUL bonuses and environmental effects. any ideas? Each layer should grant a bonus for the summoner, a bonus for his allies, an aura or zone effect around the gates, and a counterpart (nothing is lent for free in the hell). Remembers these bonus (and the counterparts as well) stack on each other according to how much (from 1 to 9) the doorair have been opened.


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 This isn't actually a character development question.

 You're looking to build a homebrewed artifact - your best bet is to post about this in the Homebrew forum or in the General forum.


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