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Election 2012 competitors, please post your  final submissions here so I don't have to go rooting through that mess of a thread for them. You are free to comment on each other's designs after all of them have been submitted. The final poll will be created around Friday.
What are we supposed to post in this thread? The cards that we designed for this contest, our election program on how to change the game, other things from our election campaign?
Dear citizens of the Great Internet Nation,
I want to speak to you about the future of Magic.
Magic, they say, is at its best ever. More boxes are being sold than at any other time, more people show up for tournaments, more boosters are cracked for fun and profit.
And yet, we can all see that not all is right. Despite all these records, there are some aspects of the game whicha are not optimal. Why do these aspects exist? Because it makes WotC the greatest profit. But are they the best we can hope for in a game? No, we believe.
We believe that the current power creep is unsustainable and will bring much ruin if unrestrained. We believe that the colours and mechanics are unfairly divided, and that decks and strategies repeat stale, year after year. We believe that limited, one of the pillars of Magic, is being neglected and made slave to the needs of constructed.
We believe we can fix all of this. We believe in better.

There's no point in complaining about the past. For how much we'd like to change the numbers on Thragtusk, or reverse decades of crippling of red, we cannot and should not concentrate on past mistakes. We will look at the future.
We present you cards that will be printed. We present you what we hope Magic can become. But, given the restrictive requirements, we must offer context, which is why you need to sit through this verbiage. Two cards cannot do justice to our plans, nor fix everything we think needs changing. We need to show, and explain.

Our goals are ambitious and varied. It would be folly to attempt to cram all of them in two simple cards, so we must be selective. We must be shrewd, and give you enough to understand with the little we're allowed.
Imagine a future set. Years down the line, maybe half a decade. Do we still recognise Magic? Of course: people still play in constructed and limited, they make creatures and trade spells. Some attack for lots, some assemble cunning combos, so sit back and wait. What has changed then? We want to make more strategies available. We want to steer away from this metagame of domination of creatures. We want people to play with Orthun, Troll Progenitor.

Orthun, Troll Progenitor
Legendary Creature - Troll Shaman
Shroud, vigilance
: Until end of turn, CARDNAME can be the target of spells and abilities controlled by target player as though it didn't have shroud.
When the plane's trolls became extinct, an unseen hand provided the Mirrans with the leader they needed.

This card is an obvious throwback to Thrun, the Last Troll, and it is decidedly worse. And yet, we want to make this the card that everyone plays with, or at least for those who enjoy beefy green creatures. We want to make it the premier creature in Standard, despite being less powerful than anything that is available today. We accomplish two things with Orthun.
The first is that we scale back the power creep. If every new card has to top the previous ones, the escalation leads us down a dangerous road, where old cards are worthless and the current ones have increasingly broken effects.
The second, related to the first, is that we want to institute a true pendulum of design. Land destruction has gotten progressively worse over the years; counterspells and burn, while not to the same extent, also; creatures have become bigger and better, ramp as a strategy is often very favoured. We want to end this. We want discard to be good one year and mediocre the next. We want an alternance between green token strategies and green beef strategies. Orthun will be the leader of a year (or more) in which bigger creatures are on the forefront, and players can expect that to eventually subside in favour of other aspects of the game. Not that we want to make the best decks for the players: we will offer multiple options, just not all of them at the same time, and no unbeatable, best option year after year.
This card is a provocation, yes, but one that we need.

The second card we want to show you is the following:

Alchemical Research
Look at the top 4 cards of your library. You may put any number of them in your graveyard, then put the rest on top of your library in a random order.
You may shuffle your library.
"Orichalcum is not the correct container for this, no. It melts to the waspfyre; but what if I add some granules of golemite? Or should I just change it for bronze?"

We want colours to be deeper, more complex. We want more options for all. We want to have a fairer pie. Unfortunately, this is a very broad area of discussion and not an easy one to solve. What is simpler to address is red, which is woefully restricted and narrow. Red gets burn, artifact destruction, small, hasty creatures and not much else. WotC has realised this, and started to give it more mechanics, such as looting. But, we believe, we can go further. We can make Mono Red Control not an oxymoron. We can make it deeper. Alchemical Research is one such card. Today, this card would be nothing else but blue. We want it to be red. We want red to have more manipulation, more savvy. Why is all passion reckless? You can discuss a plan in all its details even while being invested in it.
Red will be allowed to have more.

And so we reach the end of our little presentation. I appreciate it if you've stayed until here, and commend you for your patience. It is not easy things to discuss briefly, and perhaps a better person would've managed more brevity, but you'll have to do with this logorrhoea.

We are the Cerebrocratic Part of Dominaria. We stand for Cerebrocracy, the rule of the enlightened. We stand for those who think, those who want to make this a better game without pandering to the masses and simply giving them what they want. We want to give them better design, and teach them why it is better. You may accuse us of arrogance; we are only guilty of believing in better.

Nothing really matters.
Anyone can see.
What are we supposed to post in this thread? The cards that we designed for this contest, our election program on how to change the game, other things from our election campaign?

See the entry posted directly below yours for an example of a combined spiel & card submission.
Seriously, people.
I find the talk of unsustainable power creep about as convincing as I find a Reverand preaching about the End Times. Also I really don't like the red card you designed. I'm all for red getting more of the pie, but red should never get planning. You can make some weird flavor argument for it, but the reality is that it doesn't jive well at all with the feel of playing red.

Who else can I vote for.
Power creep is a serious concern. If cards have to get more powerful in order to break into the tournament scene, then it's just a neverending escalation. It's the reason why the Urza's block and Mirrodin block fiascos occurred: cards were just getting progressively more powerful until the latest version simply outclassed all previous ones, and they had to do a "power reboot". They've gotten better at catching these earlier, but stuff like JTMS and Stoneforge Mystic still happen and make oppressive and unfun formats. These will keep happening regularly if power creep is not addressed.

Saying that a colour can never get a particular thing is restrictive and prevents us from fixing the flawed colour pie. If you've already boxed each colour and given it some characteristics based on your preconceptions, than we cannot solve this problem. Also, you must realise that the idea of each colour that you have today has come after years of this idea being inculcated by WotC. Red was the dumb colour, and it was given dumb things; blue was the tricky colour, and it was given tricky things; black was evil and you get the point. But there's no reason to think as red as the dumb colour. As we said, passion doesn't have to be shortsighted, it doesn't have to be impulsive. WotC's is one intepretation, and a shallow, narrow one at that. We reject it and want a new idea for red where it is passionate, shrewd, and, yes, it plans ahead.
Nothing really matters.
Anyone can see.
I find the talk of unsustainable power creep about as convincing as I find a Reverand preaching about the End Times. Also I really don't like the red card you designed. I'm all for red getting more of the pie, but red should never get planning. You can make some weird flavor argument for it, but the reality is that it doesn't jive well at all with the feel of playing red.

Who else can I vote for.

Well, from your signature and from another time when you mentioned being a naya fan, it's kinda obvious that you are happy about the current power creep. But I think we should set aside such selfish POV's and start acknowledging the facts. I love draw-go and control yet I totally accept things were too bad during faeries standard and JtMS reign.

And since I had part in designing the red card, I feel the need to address your criticism of it as well. I really cannot understand how somehow who considers himself a red fan and puts a boros thing in his sig would say something like "red should never get planning". How can red improve if their own fans are so stuck in what the preconceived ideas for the color are? Like Pietro said, the color pie is not set in stone and never was, it has changed since the early days and is will keep doing so because it is far from perfect. If you showed a card like Faithless Looting to an invested magic fan something like ten years ago they would have a heart attack and scream "NO RED CAN NEVER DO THAT". When you say "it doesn't jive well with the feel of playing red" you mean "it doesn't jive well with what I believe the feel of red should be, with no real reason".


192884403 wrote:
surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?
Author: Glasir

Greetings, puny mortals. 

We of the Phyrexian Progressive Party have determined that now is the opportune moment to reveal Our grand plans to the multiverse, so that the worthy can be allowed to join Us, and to simplify the process of determining the... less useful.  The time has finally come for we Phyrexians to assert Our rightful dominance over all worlds.  We shall begin as we did on the world formerly known as Mirrodin: by turning the land itself to our side!

Land (M)
At the beginning of each players upkeep that player chooses a land he or she controls. That land becomes a copy of Terraplague.
, Pay 2 life: Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool.

"We will reshape this world, just like all the others." - Parcher, Archbishop of Phyrexia

Once the land is ours, all those who live upon it are doomed.  One by one, the fleshy shall fall, the weak shall tremble before our terrible splendor, the fleshly shall cry out in terror as the glistening oil consumes their imperfections!  But not all conquest need be violent; far better to achieve victory through methods that do not waste so many minions.  The clerics of Phyrexia shall spread our teachings and our glory through the worlds, turning enemies to allies.

Spark Sanctifier 
Creature - Minion (C)
: Put a compleation counter on target permanent.
: Gain control of target permanent with two types of counter on it.
"They came. They saw. They compleated."

Plane after plane shall fall as the Grand Evolution comes to completion.  Not even planeswalkers can stand against our power!  Of course, once all have been united and our glorious work is completed, there will be no further need for Magic: the Gathering.  A loss, to be sure, but such sacrifices must be made.

If you wish to join us in this endeavour, vote Phyrexian.  If you wish your miserable existence to end painfully, vote otherwise.

All will be One.

Editor's Note: Eerily Dr. Bronner's-y right? Just made me like that soap even more.

139359831 wrote:
That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
Vote Mown | Imidazoline for YMtC Presidents

Team MI believes in a bright digital future for the community, and will not tolerate to see it rot any more. We believe that it is unjust of the font to change size after you quote another person's opinion, regardless of your intent behind such an action.

We also believe that MTGO is a steaming pile of **** when it comes to software development, and hope to deliver a smooth experience everyone can enjoy.

MI will also work hard to ensure that the constructed environment is more interesting, and be able to sustain a host of different strategical choices. Gone are the days of RPS! We want an environment that has place for noise, wolf, spock, lizard, sun, moon, and a menagerie of other interesting brews.

We will continue wotc's pursuit in streamlining the wording of some effects, the first of which is tokens. 

Create a 1/1 green Squirrel creature token.

Cuteness worth fighting for. Now, you might think we are unoriginal and stealing Fallingman's wording, but our associates will have you know that we developed the wording first. However, due to this forum's lackluster navigation system, we will be facing troubles until you elect us and we are able to deal with the problem of giving a legitimate source to back up this claim. The wording above is not necessarily a representative of our view on the color philosophy, but will signify a push towards making green better at interacting with your opponent during the course of the gameplay.

Your Presidents can be MI! MI follows up on promises. MI delivers.

M13 was a great set, especially for limited, but I was struck by a particular card - Courtly Provocateur. This ability was a wonderful example of a card that could be red. Could be clearly red. Red already has the forced attack ability with cards like Incite and Heckling Devil, and has manipulated blockers frequently by getting them out of the way with cards like Glarewielder and Crossway Vampire. But red has only had one card - ONE - which allows the emotional colour to focus it's creatures emotions on their immediate opponent, rather than the end goal. Courtly Provocateur is a missed opportunity for red to develop a potential control limb opposed to all aggro, all the time. Not for MI.

Ambush Master |
Creature - Human Soldier
: Target creature attacks this turn if able.
: Target creature blocks this turn if able.
"The look on someone's face as they run into the 500 pound giant they thought was a way out is priceless."

But even though this card capture the almost control on a chaotic battlefield that's inherent to red, this is just a reprint (almost). MI hears your need for new and innovative, and also knows they made a promise to you to innovate within existing design space.

And MI has a solution:
Provoke is evergreen in Red (secondary / tertiary TBD).

But as a card is required, I offer another solution to the red problem, my co-Presidential candidate allowing. (We'll pick two eventually).

Roar of Challenge |
Untap target creature. That creature blocks target attacking creature this turn if able.

Developing red's pie? Check. Developing within existing design space? Check.

If you want kept promises, vote for MI.

Mown and Imidazoline stand for Innovation without the needless exploitation of Design Space.

Mown and Imidazoline stand for supporting the Rights of Red to more pie, and will deliver on this.

Mown and Imidazoline stand for delivering a robust environment for all players, constructed and limited, through the use of good design practice and appropriate use of the Mythic rarity.

Mown and Imidazoline stand for making full art basic lands as standard.

Mown and Imidazoline stand for continuing to keyword basic effects such as token creation.

Mown and Imidazoline stand for strong online development, leading to better online experiences.

Mown and Imidazoline stand for fun.

But mostly, Mown and Imidazoline stand for you. So when you cast your vote, vote for MI.

MI. Because it's just like voting for you.

This is Imidazoline of MI, and I approve this message.
Who are we still waiting for?
Me and cats, but I have no idea what we're going to enter, if anything.
Max and I as well. We are the symbol of everything. I thought a debate was not necessary. Coz' no one can beat Everything anyway.

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupry

[spoiler MLP]Congratulations, you've found My Lie Policy: Only when i'm prompted, i might lie. (policy still in the refinement process.) [/spoiler] [spoiler I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.]I am Blue/Green
I am Blue/Green

CKY hasn't posted yet either.
I hate dogs.
i vote for cky
I would like to thank Imidazoline for being an amazing partner in my absence. However, take this not as a sign of our party's unruly behaviour, but our will to fight for what's necessary.

No, but seriously, you're a good man.

Yxoque wrote:
This forum can't even ****ing self-destruct properly.


No worries.
Good to have you back though. 
Tuesday evening, then.
There better be some more submissions here by the time I get back from Skyfall.
I hate y'all.
I'm not inspired at all so I dunno, sorry :c

We are clearly most popular.

I suggest declaring MI president(s) and be done with it.
Pietro can be our Secretary of State.

pablo and Glasir are from Phyrexia, and I'm pretty sure that makes them ineligible to be candidates.

. . . says the Australian!

Phyrexia is the only choice. So sayeth Bjork!

Bjork is under the impression that you are from Australia. Bjork may be mistaken. Bjork also judges people based on their nationalities.
I am. Pretty sure earth-plane qualifies.

However I demand to see the birth certificates of both pablo and Glasir to ensure that they are Phyrexian as they claim, or they be stripped of candidacy.
Phyrexians do not have birth certification - merely scars.
I hear only excuses.
Phyrexians are not issued birth certificates. We receive Heartstones as newts. When we err our Heartstones are marked. Mine is blemishless. And I will gladly show you mine if you show me yours.

Also - I totally didn't go down to F&S and start a thread there expressly asking them if Phyrexians even have birth certificates. Why would I? Being a Phyrexian and all I would - of course - already know all of this.

139359831 wrote:
That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
I want to see Elesh Norn's long-form birth certificate!
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