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Okay so a few bookkeeping things before I begin: if youre in my group, stay away from this post as it will be spoilerish and second I am using 4e

Real question: My group is rather big (9 people) and in the coming adventures they will be facing off with 9 super powerful big baddies and knocking them down one at a time. I wanted to add a bit more of a reward for killing these foes beyond just treasure and as my campaign is very story oriented I came up with the idea of giving the player a title that had a small effect, like a trinket, as well as hopefully sounding cool. So I am asking, what sorts of bonuses do you think would be appropriate? Id like to tie them to the theme of the title itself but that might be more work than its worth. A couple examples of titles I have are "Dreambreaker" and "Herald of Winter" Any suggestions would be appriciated! =D
I would look at the various boons that can be granted through alternative rewards.  Those can at least give you a baseline to measure by.
Make them Lords of a Quarry and give them a little village they need to protect while they build a stone wall around it all.

A quarry worked by 40 men might generate 76 ton of granite blocks a day (76 ton constitutes a 10' x 10' x 10' block). Now minimum minability puts the value of anything mined at 1 ounce of gold per ton so the 76 tons a day is 76 ounces or 4.75 pounds of gold per day. Thats (depending on your edition but assuming a new one) 237.5 gp worth of stone blocks (3.125gp per ton).

Sell half the stone at double the price to cover costs and you get enough stone to do a 10' x 10' x 15' high section of stone wall every three days. Three days a week in work in the Quarry So a year to wall the little village and the quarry. Give your PCs something to do. Quarry workers break through into a cave with a nasty monster so the PCs must clear it out so work can continue. maybe Raiders hit the village and the PCs must stop them.

Once they are done - Baron Robert sends a bunch of soldiers to occpy the Village...and the PCs get promoted sideways to their next posting (apparently there is a forest needs clearing out so woodcutters can chop it down).
The Citadel Megadungeon: http://yellowdingosappendix.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/the-citadel-mega-dungeon-now-with-room.html
My mind immediately went the same place as scatterbrained.  I would look at the boons and either adapt them to fit or use them to model the boons you give your players.
I am not familiar with these 'boons' that you've mentioned but they sound like what Im looking for. Where can I find them? Incidentally when one of my players decides to be the one to recieve the title and be the central character for that baddie I call it 'recieving the boon'. Maybe its a sign
need some titles?
Bringer of Light
Hunter of Death
Protector of ____(some town)
Scourge of ____(name of type of monster)
Kree (meens whatever you want it to mean)
He who destroys the wind when he gallops past (or windbreaker)
Hunter in the dark
Yoddler of the gulley
whistler in the dark
Kord's Fist
The Holy Wall

Be creative. and if you can work a lewd joke into it, so much the better. The other players will have something to tease the one who one the title. And once they all have such appelations, make sure the NPCs use them.
Dont need the titles themselves, Ive pretty much got that covered, Im looking for bonuses, benefits or abilities they'd gain with the title
the boons are in dmg2. they are pretty much slotless magic items that only a dm can give out.
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