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Why do we play D&D? To pare this down to the absolue basics, we play to have fun. You can come up with other reasons; adventuring, exploring, interacting with others in real life and in the game world, the hit that brings down that ogre barbarian. But when you get right down to it, ultimately all those activities are fun. When it stops being fun we stop playing.

There's nothing more sure to drive away players than an activity we find boring.

So get into the game, ham it up. Play roles and play them lustily. Be the dignified dwarven sage, or the giddy orcish school girl. Emote your brains out and give your players encounters to remember. Dignity is for the boring.

That balor likes puns, then pun away and pity he who cries, "Hold, enough!"

The trick is to make the game interesting. The first step in making it interesting is letting go of your propriety. You're not playing chess, you're playing a smelly, sweaty, frightened, eager, hopeful, despondent creature in a dangerous situation, and if you're lucky you'll get a job casing an abandoned castle and looting its vaults for treasure.

Why do we play?

Because it's fun! So let it be fun and let the worry warts, the fretful, and the concerned fuss away their lifes, you've got a meeting with those gnomes down the street, and their clan chief plays a killer game of checkers.
One dagger is a plot point. A thousand daggers is inventory. Thank you for disrailing this thread.

Everyone plays for their own reasons and enjoys the game in a different way. I enjoy the math and numbers during the game. One person in my group enjoys the role play. Another enjoys smashing things. Another enjoys watching the group and the story. This isn't that important to the player as you play for your own enjoyment. However as a GM, you need to tailor your campaign to make everyone enjoy themselves. Not all that difficult, but still something to keep in mind. 

At least I got chicken.
A rogue with a bowl of slop can be a controller. WIZARD PC: Can I substitute Celestial Roc Guano for my fireball spells? DM: Awesome. Yes. When in doubt, take action.... that's generally the best course. Even Sun Tsu knew that, and he didn't have internets.
I've been playing 30+ years.
Years 1-2 - I loved the dice, art, and imagining my character in X2 Castle Amber (where I was killed by an illusionary troll throwing a fireball)
Years up to 10 - I loved getting my friends together to make cool characters and play in my homemmade world.  It was fascinating that I could create a world and adventures and my players would come over to my house because I was personally entertaining them.
Years 10-20 - College.  This was all I had money and time to do.  I was obsessed with Greyhawk, Vampire, and again, that players were coming to me to entertain them.  I felt like a celebrity.  When I was a player, I loved to create the really odd-ball combinations of character concepts.
Years 20-30 - Real Life - It is my social outlet (no, not 'sadly').  It was a chance to participate in the major creation and contribution of the RPGA and Paizo as well as write real scenarios for real usage and help contribute to the larger masses of fun out there.
Years 31+ I'm teaching my kids gaming (off screen), and still have it as a social outlet.  I'm a lot less interested in "minmaxing" a system and more interested in just getting a chance to play or GM.

Thats why I play.

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I like to do lots of posts as well.  I hope that doesnt make me a bad person.  

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I love the character creation and development aspect.  My personal preference is teh arcane.  I LOVE arcane spellcasters, especially spontanteous casters like sorcerers.  I am currently obsessed wit the 3.5 Warmage.  My goal is to make a character and mage worthy to be a aprt of canon for some campaign setting
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Hm. That's a good question.  I don't know why I enjoy RP.  Probably because I want to escape from reality and play Conan without restrictions that mmorpg has.  Do the things not possible in real life.  Be part of creating a great story.  Hanging out with friends chilling eating pizza drinking beer and pretending to be some fantasy heroe in a fantasy world...

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