Aurora, CO - Need a player for 9th level 3.5 campaign

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Rob's World!DM seeks player to fill empty chair -
Face-To-Face (f2f) 3E (3.5) D&D Campaign run by DM with 35+ years experience (Playing/DMing D&D since '76). Gaming takes place in Southeast Aurora/Denver area on every other Saturday. A casual gaming experience that incorporates elements of the Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, and a healthy serving of House Rules in order to present  the Rob's World! Campaign. If you'd like to get some idea of how I run the campaign / how it's going so far, visit my web site: <> The D&D/FRP materials should give you some insight into my campaign/DM'ing style. I don't use all the house rules listed at my web site (I am using the ones listed in the 3rd edition sections). See <> for all the house rules.

The current campaign has been running since Jan 1st, 2003, and the characters just turned 9th level (As of Dec 2011). We don't go up a level after each night of gaming! Every now and then we switch DMs, depending on familiarity with the campaign rules and a desire by the players to try their hand at DM'ing. Although the group consists of a core of dedicated gamers, we occasionally solicit for players to fill vacant spots. The campaign runs/meets every other Saturday, from 1800-2359.  No evil play/characters permitted.

If you're interested in joining our 3.5 D&D campaign (adults only please), please contact me through this forum (reply to this thread). With a new player the group will consist of seven players and one DM (currently me).