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Hey there. I am using old pregen characters for encounters season 11 and I am having trouble figuring some things.

You can view them here.

Sola, the elf warpriest has 6 trained skills at level 1.

Valenae, the eladrin warpriest has 4 trained skills at level 1.

Hagen, the human warpriest has 5 trained skills at level 1.

The human I understand, since clerics have 4 trained skills (religion + 3 more) and humans get +1 skill.

However, eladrin also get +1 trained skill, yet none seems to be chosen for Valenae. Any idea why?

Sola, which gets no racial bonus to trained skills somehow has 2 bonus skills. I am pretty sure she has the skill training feat selected because several of the other characters in this season of pregens have a bonus skill. However that is one bonus skill I still don't know how to account for.

I need help figuring out what feats they have chosen so I can swap them out on level up, and also so I don't double up on the same one. It looks like Hagen has improved defences (+1/+1/+1) and has some sort of +1 attack feat with both maces and javelins... master at arms I guess.

Sola also seems to have +1 attack with weapons... which would imply she also chose master at arms. So that rules out the skill training feat. Is this character just not following the rules at all?

Also, shouldn't the eladrin get 1 more trained skill?

Their list of "Trained Skills" aren't actually Trained Skills as per the definition in the book.

Sola is trained in Diplomacy, Heal, Insight, and Religion; she isn't trained in Perception or Nature, however, those skills are just a result of +4 from Wisdom and +2 from Elf. Sola indeed has some sort of Expertise feat.

Hagen is trained in Diplomacy, Heal, Insight, Religion, and History (as the Human Bonus Skill). Improved Defenses and an Expertise feat appear correct.

Valenae is trained in Diplomacy, Heal, Religion, and History ... Unless they decided to make her a Moon Elf for no reason, she's missing a skill (you can trade the bonus skill for Longbow/Shortbow proficiency)
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Thank you that makes much more sense.
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