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I have been playing around with aW/G/B token deck for awhile now.  First it was tokens, then it switched more to a mid-range, and now its back to tokens.  Here is the deck as of now:

Lands (22):
3x forest
4x isolated chapel
4x overgrown tomb
4x temple garden
4x sunpetal grove
1x woodland cemetery
2x gavony township

Creatures (17):
4x avacyn's pilgrim
4x arbor elf
3x trostani, selesnya's voice
4x thragtusk
2x armada wurm

Other Spells (18):
4x intangible virtue
2x selesnya charm
4x lingering souls
2x parallel lives
3x sorin, lord of innistrad
3x garruk, primal hunter

Yes, this leaves the deck 3 cards short, I have been playing around with alot of different combinations to fill those slots.

A few notes on the cards above:
-22 lands seems to be working fine with the 8 mana dorks, though I could always move it up to 23
-Trostani is a beast, populating wurms, and keeping you alive, so much so I'm considering adding a fourth
-I have gone back and forth on parallel lives, playing as many as 4 and also playing none; 2 seems to be the right number for this deck though (at least to me)
-The 2 planeswalkers make the deck run (primal hunter is also far superior to renlentless), get the two of them out together and you almost always win
-The gavony's are more for the grind it out, or mirror, and could be sideboarded, I'm just not sure
-Selesnya Charm takes care of a number of cards that pose threats (such as angel of serenity, thundermaw hellkite, rancor'ed most anything, big olivia's, etc)

As for the last 3 cards here are some of the options I have been considering:
call of the conclave (3)
oblivion ring (1 or 2)
sever the bloodline (1)
Trostani, selesnya's voice (1)
restoration angel (2)
armada wurm (1 or 2)
abrupt decay (1 or 2)
forest (1)

and the card that didn't make sense to me at first, but in testing has actually done relativly well
rancor (2)

They all have their up and downs.  Here are some of my thoughts:
-I am a little concerned about aggro with the deck seeming to curve out with the creatures being higher up, but trostani and thragtusk seem to be fixing that (I'm still worried though); Call of the conclave fits in to fix that, and is a token
-Restoration angel has to fit in here somewhere, right?  With thragtusk and armada wurm I feel I almost have to play it
-Trostani is a beast, making me want 4
-I may need more removal than just the 2 selesnya charms
-rancor actually makes the deck much more dangerous; giving me 3/1 lifelinking vampires, 5/3 trampling beasts, and a 3/1 spirit can really add up
-Armada wurm is really good, especially in this deck; it with trostani in play makes me happyer than restoration angel with a thragtusk in play

Right now I am trying out 2 rancor and a trostani, but those 3 spots are very much contested.

1x ray of revelation
4x rest in peace
4x loxodon smiter
1x oblivion ring
2x sever the bloodline
2x restoration angel
1x armada wurm

-Ray of revelation gets rid of enchantmets
-I seem to have problems with reanimator, so 4 rest in peace
-Also have some trouble with decks with alot of counters, so 4 smiters (also can be brought in against agro)
-The angel and the wurm are great for longer games
-Sever and the ring for some spot removal

Thanks again!
[C]Farseek[/C] to speed things up for you
[C]Farseek[/C] to speed things up for you

This. Plus Call of the Conclave.
I run a similar deck, pretty much a similar idea, but less expensive.


thats the link if you want to check it out.

Precinct Captain does a lot of work early game. So does Call of the Conclave, especially if you can populate it. 

I think best bet is to add either one of those cards to your deck.  
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