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So, I am considering retraining my theme, not that there are so many nice new once that are more appropriate.
But, I have taken several utility powers from my current theme.

Do I have to have to retrain those powers first, or can I simply retrain the theme, which would effectively retrain those powers at the same time to the new theme's power?

The Tuathan theme has animal form powers state that your equipment transforms with you, and you get full benefit of the equipment (except shields). Can one still use powers/spells when in animal form?
My understanding is that themes can't be retrained, but I don't have a reference for that handy.  That said, I am a proponent of not being particularly stingy on the retraining rules.  Being overly restrictive just leads to players attempting to kill off the offending character, to replace it with a remarkably similar one.  Far simpler to just allow the change.

Yes, you can still use powers, but not weapon powers since the weapons are gone.  Implement powers still work fine, because you don't have to physically hit things with implements.

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Themes are explicitly retrainable by RAW, actually.

Yes, you need to retrain the powers first, because you can't retrain away things that are helping you meet pre-reqs for other things.
Huh.  Nifty.  Where'd they put that?  DSCS?
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
Huh.  Nifty.  Where'd they put that?  DSCS?


So, have to retrain the utilities, retrain the theme, and then can retrain the utilities again.
Dark Sun Campaign Setting.

And yes, if you take powers from the theme, you have to retrain out those powers first before you retrain the theme.

I refer to my prior comment about loosening the retraining rules.  It's a good idea to prevent abusive retraining switches that disrupt the campaign flow, but even major changes that happen as a one-off should be allowed at a faster rate than the 1/level retrain rules allow as they are written.
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
It's in Heroes of the Feywild as welll IIRC.
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