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I have been DMing for the last few weeks and I do not have but 2 minis to use in my campaigns, so instead I have been using Legos.  I just started with sitting them down on the standard grid map, but one of the guys I play with regularly suggested that I fully build the dungeons or areas before each session.  I have what some might say is too many legos, so I gave it a try tonight.  This worked amazingly well(with the exception of one tree that kept falling over).  I am wondinging how hard it would be to talk to the guys over at Lego or one of the genaric block building companies and have them make more figures.  A picture of my first lego map set-up

One thing that I dont have here, which I later did, was use a sharpy to mark out the grid as 4X4 pips.  Once I did that, it made the game go much faster.  My group had tons of fun, especially the father/son pair.  If you have the time and pieces needed, I highly suggest you try making your next board out of Legos.  I just need to find or make some monsters now out of the legos now.
You could send a message to Hasbro to suggest Kre-o D&D line, with spelljammers...and strongholds with hidden traps, like EXÍN Castles, the 70´s construction toy.

I would suggest a alternative line to Kre-o, with figures of 3 inch aprox, with a basic d20 to be used by +7 children for miniature wargames (and colectable cards).

Other matter: Have you heard talking about the 3D printers?

You can´t imagine it, but I would bet it could change the miniatures games. The figure would designed by player by menas of dowloade software from official web, and later he would go to a copy shop to "rent" the 3D printer (if there isn´t the machine at home). 

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Your ingenuity in finding a proxy for game miniatures is great! I used to use lego in the 90's and it worked wonderful as a stand in when we were young and could not afford to buy all those expensive pewter Ral Partha minis, but expecting a line of lego specifically for RPG use is not going to happen. Especially when they sell minis for that very purpose already.

If you want to stick to using lego I am sure that will work great just don't expect Hasbro to pump money into a D&D Lego line. They pulled the prepainted miniatures sets two years ago and I don't see them catering to D&D fans specifically when there is already numerous kinds of fantasy themed lego like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings lego.
One thing that I dont have here, which I later did, was use a sharpy to mark out the grid as 4X4 pips.

Cool. Two notes (which you might already know, but others may not):
- 3X3 pips are closest in size to D&D's 1" grid
- Instead of drawing in the lines for a grid (which can look unsightly, ruining your toys), a single dot at the corner of each grid square can suffice to indicate the grid.

Hasbro and Lego teaming up?  Complete madness!  Maybe if the Disney rumor comes true, this might be more likely, as Lego has teamed up with Disney licensed merch several times.  No matter, a Lego D&D would be awesome!  Whether as specific game stuff or sets in general.  (I'm just picturing one now, "Adventures of Drizz't - Goblin Ambush"  The image in my head is a look cooler than it sounds, really!)  But hey, there are probably plenty of AFOL who are also D&D fans who'd be more than willing to mesh these two worlds somehow.

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Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

Hasbro and Lego teaming up?

Not likely, seeing as Hasbro has a direct Lego competitor.

It's just too bad Kre-O is charging Lego prices for Best-Lock quality.

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