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I would love to see an App/server setup where the PC's use tablets to keep info, then the DM's would pole the PC's tablets for the needed info.

Ultimatly this would work its way to a Surface Gaming Table, and the "sheets" would be BU'ed to the DM's tablet and then at the next gaming adventure any changes would be highlighted ( to prevent cheating ).

On some level this would also work with something like skype to play. Auto assigning of XP, goodies, and would also allow covert messing to the DM.

Just started looking at the 10/29 updates, just played some with an older set of rules, lots of new things to get use to. 


Only I wish say the future of RPG videogames will be the tablets, it may linked to some PC or videoconsole.

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It would be fairly trivial to do.  There's nothing terribly complicated in there.  Ideally it would be...

Remote server that handles:

-Storage of data
-Random generation of treasure,  creatures,  etc if desired,  or accepts uploaded values if DM wants control
-Auto-updating values if desired
-RNG for dice rolls if desired

Client-side apps
-Player has viewing and data entry on character sheets
-DM has viewing,  data entry,  and reference material (Monster stat blocks,  charts,  etc)

The app itself isn't really complicated at all.  Couple of weeks worth of work there.  Database stuff for references would be take a bit of time since it'd be manual entry.  Artwork of course takes a bit of time to do right,  especially since it should allow skins.

Problem is,  WOTC owns all the rights.  Can't be done without WOTC's blessing.

TBH though,  if WOTC is as smart as I think they are,  this is already under development.  I'd imagine that 5th edition will include digital integration as we approach Surface style PnP RPG's and boardgaming.  It's really an obvious direction to work in.                  
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