Somatic components?

So I am currently running Caves and one of my players will take over DMing to run the Blingdenstone adventure after I am done with it and I was looking at various concepts for a character for when that happens... 

...and I came across a bit of snag. I want to try out a High Elf Fighter with the Arcane Magic Specialist, but I am not sure if I owuld be able to cast my cantrips in armor. It specifically says that wizard spells with somatic components cannot be cast in armor. Problem is, which ones have somatic components and which don't? They aren't listed as having ANY components as it stands. I asked one of the othe rplayers and he wasn't sure either. Right now we're leaving it up to DM call (I personally would allow it, I mean two cantrips once per day? Woohoo! That's gonna break the game /sarcasm) but anyway, we are hoping for other input here on the matter. 
Even more specifically, only wizards are constrained by their armor. The section on magic in the How To Play section doesn't mention casting in armor at all. By the RAW, high elves and arcane dabblers don't have armor restrictions.

In my opinion, that's what the designers intended. If high elves and arcane dabblers did have armor restrictions, the only characters who could benefit from that race and that feat would be characters who didn't wear armor - which is mostly just the wizard. The designers probably didn't intend to limit the entire high elf race to a single class.

Like all rules questions, your DM gets the final decision, so ask first.