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Not sure where to put this question so I'll ask it here. I am playing a cleric in a 3.5 setting and I was wondering if I prepare my daily spells from 7-8am how long do I have access to those spells. As an example if I didn't cast any spells that day would I still have access to them the next day without needing to pray or are they gone after a certain amount of time.

An in game example of why I ask is as I was doing my morning prayer to renew my spells I was attacked and since my prayer was interupted before I could finish I was not sure if I could still use the spells I had left over from the previous day or if they kind of expire after 24hrs and I have to re prepare them all.
The spells remain prepared until you use them.  You can prepare your spells in January and cast them in April.

BTW, for future reference, you'll want to scroll down to the Previous Editions section of the forum to ask 3e questions.
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This thread has been moved to 4e Rules Q&A.

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As mentioned once you have a spell prepared you have it until you cast it or until some other even such as a level drain removes it for you.

I also seem to remember something where if you are briefly interupted while resting/preparing spells you could still do it at the earliest opportunity.  The thing about doing that is that any spell's "recently used" (in the last eight hours) can't be restored/replaced.
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