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Hey there,

I have taken a huge hiatus from magic (Ursa block [1998] through Innastrad), subsequently lending me a large gap in my card knowledge.  I can now keep pace with Standard, however recently I wanted to make a Modern deck.  My cards are pushing me toward a delver/burn (red/blue) deck.  Here is what I have so far, any suggestions?

-- x4 Delver of Secrets
-- x4 Snapcaster
-- X4 Vapor Snag
-- X2 Archwing Dragon
-- X2 Fettergeist
-- X4 Pillar of Flame
-- x4 Incinerate
-- x4 Thunderous Wrath
-- X2 Desolate Lighthouse
-- x4 Think Twice

Steam Vents, Sulferous Falls and Basic Lands

I know this is like 45% what it could be.  But you get the idea.  I wouldn't mind adding a third colour.  Someone suggested white.  Ideas?

Don't play anything except the Delvers and Snapcasters.  Seriously, the rest of the cards are terrible in Modern.

If you want burn spells, you get to play Lightning Bolt, Rift Bolt, Lava Spike and such.  Playing things like Thunderous Wrath, Incinerate and Pillar of Flame (good against undying/persist, but not great) simply isn't going to get you there.  The Dragon is way too slow and will die immediately because the removal is all instant speed.  Vapor Snag might be ok, but there are better things to play in that slot.

You also get access to better creature based "burn".  Goblin Guides, Grim Lavamancers and such are all pretty good.

Find yourself some of the fetch lands.  They're not cheap, but they make the mana perfect.