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Legendary Creature - Demon

Flying, trample
Annihilator 1 (Whenever this creature attacks, defending player sacrifices a permanent.)
If Mephistopheles would leave the battlefield, regenerate it, then transform it.


Alpha Mephistopheles

(Color: Black Red)
Legendary Creature - Demon

Flying, trample, haste
Dominate 2 (Whenever this creature attacks, gain control of two target permanents defending player controls for as long as you control this creature.)
If Alpha Mephistopheles would leave the battlefield, regenerate it, then target opponent gains control of it.

Demons never die.

And here I was hoping for a demon card that would play off of Chains of Mephistopheles.....

@mikemearls The office is basically empty this week, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for low shenanigans

@mikemearls In essence, all those arguments I lost are being unlost. Won, if you will. We're doing it MY way, baby.

@biotech66 aren't you the boss anyway? isn't "DO IT OR I FIRE YOU!" still an option?

@mikemearls I think Perkins would throat punch me if I ever tried that. And I'd give him a glowing quarterly review for it.

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