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Joining The Party
Article Test Page

By Peter Lee and Chris Dupuis

Now that Dungeon Command has 3 faction packs out (Heart of Cormyr, Sting of Lolth and Tyranny of Goblins), Designers Peter Lee and Chris Dupuis decided to set aside an afternoon for some constructed warband battles using 4 of each set.

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Petes Warband is not completly shown in the article. I enjoyed reading the battle but sometimes it is hard to imagine the board state. It would be great if you could take some pictures of the board next time.

Well done and keep it going
couldn't agree more with all 3 points

keep up the great work with dungeon command

pictures please - they say a thousand words

and please sort out those net gremlins (they also seem to keep phasing out the undead gallery pics)

one week and counting, can't wait