Why even bother showing us the current issue?

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So i sort of commented on this in another topic but not completely, So i thought id post here.  Why is the 'current issue' of Dungeon and Dragon magazine even listed?  You cant click on the articles, you cant download them, you cant read them or do anything.  Its like they might as well not exist, because they are completely and utterly useless to us.  I dont see the point in showing us the issue if its not usable.

Think of it like a 'curent issue' of your newspaper.  You go to the newspaper vending box and see in the glass the current issue.  Put in your quarter, and bam! now you can pull one out and read it.  Nope, not with DDI. We will put the newest current issue in the glass, and when you open up the newspaper box, HAHAHA, got you sucker! you cant actually read the current issue, what were you thinking.  We just fill the box with old issues for you to look at.  

And dont tell me they are doing it this way and holding off on releasing the info until later to stop piracy.  If they were going to do something to stop piracy, they are doing a horrible job by giving players the ability to download entire issues in one pdf file.  Now all they gotta do is upload that one PDF file to anywhere online and distribute it out to everyone.
Why is the 'current issue' of Dungeon and Dragon magazine even listed?

The Table of Content are listed to show subscribbers what's coming in the current issue of Dragon/Dungeon magazine, like a sneek peek. While each articles are not individually accessible anymore after being deployed as the month progress, you may think of it as an overview of each article's name, author and description just like a regular book or magazine's table of content.
I too think the terminology is a bit strange. To me, the current issue is the one that's completed, not the one that is coming out in about a month or so. The current issue's the one I can actually read, not the next issue!
Where is this ''current issue'' terminology used ?

It doesn't appear in Issue Archive or Article Archive, nor on the Issue themselves.
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