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No Simic Charm art.  Interesting. I wonder what the extra arts at the end are.  Minotaur looks badass.  All around, me gusta.  Oh, and the Gruul Guild Letter is hilarious and so cool.
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Haven't we seen all those art pieces before?
Art for all the new shocklands apart from Stomping Ground look really good. Much better than the RtR ones, I'd say.
the boros guildmage is so derpy, and why is there art for 2 gruul charms???

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198732583 wrote:
Oh Ajani seems to like Elpheth's milk, meow.
Actually, we've already seen these pictures before, but thanks for the link anyway.


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I haven't seen any of these.

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Dat shockland art. DAT SHOCKLAND ART.

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the boros guildmage is so derpy, and why is there art for 2 gruul charms???

One of them appears to be the Gruul Signet.  Probably just an oversight on their part.
Okay seeing all that art in one place gave me a smile .  Thanks for the link.
Don't forget to keep an eye on the Facebook art game challenge thingamawhoosit.

They sometimes let little pieces of Gatecrash (or at least Non-RTR) art slip in.
One of the pieces looks like the Gruul charm, the one below it apppears to be some sort of gruul hammer.
Indications of a multicolor artifact or equipment cycle maybe?
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