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In the PH1, cleric and wizard have the "Ritual Casting" feat. How can an Essentials class cast a ritual?
By taking the Ritual Caster feat.
Or by buying scrolls, or by using one of the multiclass feats (cf. Bardic Ritualist, and there's an Invoker one too) which gives ritual casting as a bonus feat.
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A scrolls is in fact a ritual that you can write in your ritual book and cast it if you have the feat? I only have the Essentials books. I was tempted to buy the core books used (PH1, MM1 and DMG1) but when I look at all the errata, I'm not sure it is a good move.

 Scrolls are pre-cast rituals that can be used by anyone who possesses the scroll, whether they have the ability to cast rituals or not. Buying a ritual scroll costs the same as buying a ritual you scribe into your ritual book and uses up the same amount of components. It takes half the regular time to cast a ritual from a scroll and after one use it turns to dust. You can't copy a ritual from a scroll into your ritual book.

On a different note, the amount of errata for all of the original 4E books only comprises about 12-15 pages of notes, which is a very, very small amount. Most of it simply clears up inconsistencies, clarifies ambiguities, fixes grammatical errors or omissions, etc...
 You should be able to find many of the original 4E books for cover price or less on Amazon or other online sites.


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