UW Control list - what do you think of this deck? Need advice!

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Hey guys,

here's my :U::W: control deck list. Would be nice if you could tell me what you think. Does this deck have a chance against top decks like Jund midrange or Golgari Zombies? Is it worth splashing green just for [C]Thragtusk[/C]?
Thanks in advance.


ou could look into Edgar Flores's UW control for a pretty good control deck that is obviously doing pretty well.
Green gets you a couple other great things in this format as well. Its up to you if those tools are worth the splash... the ones right now off the top of my head are....

among many more....

Onto your deck list....it looks like it doesn't know what it wants to do. On one hand we are playing fine control cards and on the other we are playing midrange/aggro cards and some not so great cards.
I would presonally relegate Geist of st. traft to the sideboard. Drop snapcaster mage to 2 of. Take out Rootborn Defenses all together, it does nothing for you but a dead draw most the time.
Heres how a UW control would look for me if I were to play it...nothing is set in stone and this is just a frame..
2 snapcaster mage
4 jace, architect of thought
2 tamiyo, the moon sage
2 detention sphere
1 oblivion ring
4 azorius keyrune
3 entreat the angels
3 syncopate
4 azorius charm
3 supreme verdict
1 terminus
3 think twice
2 sphinx's revelation
4 azorius guildgate
4 hallowed fountain
4 glacial fortress
7 plains
5 island
 Some of the list is some of my personal preferences such as the 3/1 split on the wraths. But this is how I would build it. It is much more focused on controlling the game and landing a huge Entreat to win. The syncopates could become dissipate or any other counter of your choice. Its flexible, this is just my take on UW control. 
 Another splash to look into is black. Check out Burning Forest's thread on Esper control here in the forums for more info on that.  
Blue White CONTROL
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