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For my art history project we can make a monument about anything we want, so I chose Magic: the Gathering :D
We need to design the monument and explain it's purpose and stuff. So I wanted to brainstorm with the magic community to toss some ideas around

If there was a Magic: the Gathering monument how would you build it?

I'm thinking of an amusement park type place shaped like a pentagon with each point representing one of the five colors. Then a center building known as the Guild Hall of Richard Garfield where everyone can just chill, talk about and play magic.


No beverages allowed.
For extra credit, build a model of it out of excess junk commons.
And put said junk commons in the right colors.

For the guild hall, you can include junk commons of every two-color combination. I've got lots of the Invasion bear cycle, of which only the enemy ones are mechanically interesting. (Not you, Gaea's Skyfolk.)
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