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I want to focus this deck on destroying my opponents land to keep them from playing a lot of spells so that Tibalt's -4 ability will have the greatest possible effect. Then use creatures with low toughness that have abilities that activate when they go to the graveyard and spells that damage all creatures. I just want to know if anyone has thoughts on this or any specific cards they would recommend. I'm not married to this idea, so if you have any suggestions for another build I could use for Tibalt let me know. I want to stick with mono-R for the deck.
Does this deck HAVE to have tibalt?

I understand this is casual forum... But holy balls is tibalt about the most worthless piece of cardboard ever.

land destruction however is totally viable.


You should try green red land destruction. Tibalt, the Fiend Blooded is good, but your main strategy should be to blow up opposing lands. Strip Mine + Crucible of Worlds + Fastbond is your best land destruction casual combo.
Tibalt is terrible.

LD is very good however.


if you can use the discarded cards tibalt is good, he belongs in a semi defensive midrange deck...not the obvious choice for red but they have some cards that works with this strategy
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