Character Sheet suggestions

Didn't see a topic for this, specifically, so I thought I'd make one. If there is already a topic, then a moderator can feel free to merge this into it.

Just wanted to offer a few suggestions for Character Sheets and give players a place to put their own suggestions.

My suggestions:
1.) Add a line for "Expertise Dice" to the "Attributes" section. A quarter of the page is dedicated to magic and spells that only some classes can use. I think we can spare one line for a Fighter/Rogue-only attribute.
2.) Add a third line for "Languages". All non-human races start with 2 languages, so if you learn another language, you have nowhere to write it. In addition, Rogues start with Thieve's Cant, which is practically another language, so it might as well go in the "Languages" section.
3.) Add a line for "Encumberment" to the "Equipment and Treasure" list
     i.e. Encumberance: _________ / __________ lbs.
4.) I Would not mind having the "Equipment & Treasure" section broken down into a spreadsheet. i.e. add columns for:
   "Item Name" = the name of the item, as well as a description and/or stats,
   "Amount Carried" = number of that item that the character is carrying,
   "Weight / unit" = weight of each item (not multiplied by amount carried),
   "Items Used" = a place to mark how many you have consumed (i.e. ammo, torches, healer's kits, etc). 
> Add a line for "Encumberment" / "Weight / unit"

No no no no! Encumberment is the most ignored rule ever and there shouldn't be space reserved for it on the char sheet.

I would say it should be there, while the group I tend to play with do not use it much after charater Gen, we do use it when we start or when we have to transport something.

I would also like the Charsheet PDF to be savable with the info on it once it is filled out. They would probibly make a Casters sheet and a fighter/rouge sheet.


We made our own we are pretty happy with, because the current one IS kinda poorly organized for our uses. Even with ours though, we're finding that 2 sheets for martials and casters would make more sense later. Thats sort of been true in every edition really. Didn't he old 2e brown player's guides come with a sheet for that class?

I'd share the one we made, but since it'll probably change with each packet it hardly seems worth it. 
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