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I have one creature on the board. 

I cast Infernal Plunge and pay the sacrifice cost of a creature. 

Can my opponent respond with a burn spell to kill my creature before I get Infernal Plunge on the stack and therefore deny my ability to cast it?

You opponent can't prevent the costs, by the time he tries to kill your creature it's already in the graveyard
No.  Sacrificing a creature is an additional cost of Infernal Plunge.  By the time your opponent gets a chance to respond, the creature is already off the battlefield.

However, if your opponent suspects that you might be doing this (let's say, they saw your hand via Duress last turn), they can of course burn your creature during your upkeep or draw step, before you'll be able to cast sorceries.  But, again, after you announce the casting of Infernal Plunge, there's no opportunity to respond until it's on the stack, which includes paying all of its costs. 
Thanks for the responses!

there's no opportunity to respond until it's on the stack cast, which includes paying all of its costs. 

the spell is actually put on the stack before the costs are paid, but the opponent can't respond until after the spell is finished being cast and Plunge's controller passes priority

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