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I have tried to find out the answer to this question but so far nothing.  I have not played Magic in many years so I am getting back into the game and  well during a friendly game with a friend they played Chromatic Lantern and I just had a question regarding what it can do.  I know it says that each land card can now be taped for any other color but does this mean that when the mana is taped it produced 2 mana or is it still just one that can be any color?  Because as he played it it allowed each mana to produce double what it normally could and I am just wanting to make sure that is legal.
Chromatic Lantern gives each land you control an extra activated ability.

So, you can either tap your forest for its normal one (: Add to your mana pool), or its new one (: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool). You can only tap it to pay for one of those abilities, so you only get one mana.
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Ah that makes more sense.  Thanks I just wanted to make sure and I will let my friend know as well.
Each land of the controller of Chromatic Lantern now has the additional mana ability " : Add one mana of any color to your mana pool." Since that ability has to be activated individually, it cannot be activated while the land's normal mana ability is activated and vice versa. Furthermore, these abilities both require the land to be tapped as a cost. Activating one of these abilities therefore makes you unable to pay for the other. And each ability only adds one mana to the mana pool. In essence, each land can still only produce one mana.
about the only way lands would produce two mana as if it were an older land...not sure what they are called but they produce tap/: add b and r...etc to your mana pool.  however if chromatic lantern was in play and they wanted to produce for example green with a duel land that produced black and red (same time) it would still only give you one green above mentioned chromatic lantern adds the add one mana of any color to your mana pool.  same as i believe the land enchantment abundant growth?... note don't get confuzed about black and red...not saying black or red.
the ravnica cycle is called Karoo lands, because they bounce another land and produce two mana
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Fertile Ground does what your friend is trying to achieve.  As explained above, this is quite a different ability to Chromatic Lantern.

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