Trying to be able to use a Ki without a class that allows it

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I need the multiclass to get to primal for my reincarnate champion ED, but I use my KI for so many things I can't get rid of it. I am MC Assassin right now, but I will change it to something primal. Any way you can think of to let me get the use of a Ki?
I believe the Elemental Initiate theme gives you proficiency with them.
I believe the Elemental Initiate theme gives you proficiency with them.

It does indeed, and is quite a nice theme in general.
Harrying your Prey, the Easy Way: A Hunter's Handbook - the first of what will hopefully be many CharOp efforts on my part. The Blinker - teleport everywhere. An Eladrin Knight/Eldritch Knight. CB != rules source.
Ki Focus proficiency and an immediate reaction smack on a miss as starting features, skill training from some decently useful skills at 5, and a +1 to Will at 10.

Bargle wrote:
This is CharOp. We not only assume block-of-tofu monsters, but also block-of-tofu DMs.

Zelink wrote:
You're already refluffing, why not refluff to something that doesn't suck?
VERY NICE CATCH! That fits perfect. I had order adept theme because I liked the +2 will boost, but this has +1 anyhow and I want reincarnate champion so I can get hellfire teleport and do some damage eachtime I teleport .. which is every round. This guy is a teleport-charger with War wizard of Cormyr as his PP so he can use a wizard at will as an MBA and the Ki focus allows me to use a shielding/Mobile Ki for extra def and a shift regular non-charge hits if I have a minor left.
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