Looking for help with a Tiefling Paladin/Warlock

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Hey guys, just looking for advice with this character.


Defender10, level 11
Tiefling, Paladin/Warlock, Champion of Order
Eldritch Strike Option: Eldritch Strike Charisma
Hybrid Paladin Option: Hybrid Paladin Reflex
Eldritch Pact (Hybrid) Option: Sorcerer-King Pact (Hybrid)
Hybrid Warlock Option: Hybrid Warlock Reflex
Hybrid Talent Option: Paladin Armor Proficiency
Yakuza Level 10 Feature Option: Bluff
Twofold Pact Option: Infernal Pact
Tymanther (Tymanther Benefit)
Theme: Yakuza

STR 11, CON 17, DEX 16, INT 9, WIS 12, CHA 22

STR 10, CON 12, DEX 15, INT 8, WIS 11, CHA 17

AC: 28 Fort: 20 Ref: 24 Will: 26
HP: 80 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 20

Athletics +8, Endurance +11, Religion +9

Acrobatics +4, Arcana +4, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +11, Dungeoneering +6, Heal +6, History +4, Insight +6, Intimidate +11, Nature +6, Perception +6, Stealth +6, Streetwise +13, Thievery +4

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Yakuza Utility: Ruthless Demonstration
Paladin Feature: Divine Challenge
Warlock's Curse Power: Warlock's Curse
Warlock Attack 1: Eldritch Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Ardent Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Valorous Smite
Warlock Attack 1: Decree of Khirad
Paladin Attack 1: Majestic Halo
Warlock Attack 1: Gift to Avernus
Warlock Pact Boon 1: Dark One's Blessing
Paladin Utility 2: Vice's Reward
Warlock Attack 3: Lure of Minauros
Warlock Utility 6: Fey Switch
Warlock Attack 7: Touch of Command
Warlock Attack 9: Command Insanity
Warlock Utility 10: Ethereal Sidestep
Champion of Order Attack 11: Certain Justice

Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Wrath of the Crimson Legion --> Bloodied Boon at 11
Level 4: Devout Protector Expertise
Level 6: Superior Will
Level 8: Mindbite Scorn
Level 10: Superior Implement Training (Accurate symbol)
Level 11: Twofold Pact

Magic Accurate symbol +3 x1
Dwarven Plate Armor +2 x1
Cloak of Translocation +2 x1
Heavy Shield x1
Magic Longsword +3 x1
Pact Blade - Raiment of Shadows Rapier +2

This character will be the main-defender in a group. I do not know the other members, other than an Eldritch Strike Charisma Blackguard/Executioner. Mostly I'm just looking for critique, ideas for making it a better defender, and whether a Pact Vlade Rapier would be better than sword + holy symbol. 

The DM also likes demons in whatever campaign he runs, so the other features of the PP aren't wasted either. 

And yes, I realize this isn't an original build at all. 
It doesn't need to be original, merely to be effective :P

Why so much Dex? It's not really doing anything for you. If you need high initiative, there's a Tiefling feat that lets you use Cha for it.
As for Ref, you're better off with Int, since it also improves your riders (and curse damage, if you plan to play Epic).
That said, choose if you prefer using plate and having Con secondary, or Int secondary while using an Armor of Dark Majesty. Both work, they're pretty much tied for AC.

Why the Pact Blade? You're a hybrid, you can use your Holy Symbol for warlock powers as well, no need to have a second implement. Pick a Symbol of the Champion's Code, it boosts your mark damage, so it's extremely good as a primary defender.
Thanks for the replies, that was exactly what I was looking for.

As for the Cha-to-initiative feat, should I replace something for that before 11, or is it not really important until later?

Plate and Dex was because I didn't really think about hide with Armor of Dark Majesty (also for initiative, but that can be gotten around). I'm actually not sure if I can get an Elven Chain Shirt (our dm is kinda bad about giving us enough gold/shopping trips.) Would hide still be worth it without the shirt?

The reason for the Pact Blade is I wasn't sure whether Holy Symbol + Other Magic Sword would be better than Pact Blade, since it would require more upkeep, but I do like the Symbol of the Champion's Code. 
It does require more upkeep but it's worth it.

You can use light armor and Int even without a Chain Shirt at the moment. It's +1 for a level 9 item and +2 for a level 19 (I'm not counting the 29 version, it's too expensive for practically everyone), so it's a manageable difference, especially now. Remember that you can still use shields, they don't interfere with light armor. Keep Paladin Armor Proficiency as your hybrid talent, it will give you both hide and shields at the same time, and you can live without the other options. If you want Shadow Walk, MC Assassin and take Cursed Shadows, that will do.

As for Cha to initiative, you can wait imo. Personally I'd take Improved Defenses at 12 and Imperious Majesty (is that the name?) at 14. Followed by Protective Hex at 16 :P This build is good, but it's feat intensive.
My opinion on the matter:

Hybrid Talent: Paladin Armor
Versatile Expertise (light blade/lightblade)
    >>Pact Blade ftw
Imperious Majesty
Mindbite Scorn
!!Warlock's Wrath
Protective Hex [level 11 retrain]
Psychic Lock [works w/ Mindbite scorn]

[protective hex and psychic lock give you more bang for your buck than grabbing infernal pact boon+twofold pack and make you a stellar defender]

Cha Primary
Con Secondary (Extra surges> the few riders you may want anyways)
    (Dex investment: Not worth it imo. Imperious majesty has good utility anyways and you are sacrificing a decent amount just to try to break even with Plate/Shield with a higher item investment).
PP: Evermeet Warlock! You're going to be teleporting every turn anyways

E3: Otherwind Stride if you end up needing more control/AOE instead of more damage.
E7: Power: Price of Cowardice, depending on how reliable marks are

At Wills:
Virtous Strike (MBA)
Echoing Dirge
>>Depends on campaign, party and DM whether this is better than simply going w/ 100% eldritch strike
The problem with having Virtuous Strike is that you're giving up on Ardent Strike. Having an at-will option for Sanctioning can be essential.
If you want a different warlock at-will than ES it's not a big deal for a Tiefling. You can just keep Wrath of the Crimson Legion and MBA with Cha thanks to the feat. ES has, obviously, the advantage of innately sliding your target.

I'm totally against changing his E7. Touch of Command is insanely good per se, and it can be godly in the hands of a defender. It screams "catch-22" all over the place.

As for Protective Hex and Psychic Lock, 100% agree.
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