Forging The Realms: The Friendly Monster

Forging The Realms 
The Friendly Monster

By Ed Greenwood

Anyone the PCs encounter whom they can’t pigeonhole, and who is intriguing enough to make the PCs want to find out more about, is instantly more interesting. . . .

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Ends Are Sometimes Better Left Loose

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Nice article. And of course, the reverse - Monstrous Friendlies, shall we say - can also spice things up. Allies who betray you sometimes make the best villains.
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Interesting article, I liked it.

 Fear is the Mind Killer

 Fear is the Mind Killer  

This is considered pretty standard for the games I run, but then again, I prefer a more cause and affiliation rather than alignment and race(ism) driven plot.
I have an answer for you, it may even be the truth.