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Hi Everyone.

I posted this already over in the 4e forum, but someone suggested that I post it here.

After finishing my Nentir Vale map which is posted in the "Beyond the Nentir Vale" forum, I decided to learn how to use Campaign Cartographer 3's City Designer module. So I decided to develop an expanded map of the Village of Albridge from D&D's "Reavers of Harkenwold" Adventure from the Essential's DM Kit. It's now finished (I think), complete with labels:


If you want to get a good close-in look:

This map is to be used with my gaming crew in order to plan out the battle that will take place in and around Albridge as part of the adventure. The invaders will approach from the south, and the players will be using this map to plan their defence.

I had fun with this. I used CC3's City Designer module. I only used photoshop to crop it and to save it for web friendly sizes.

I wanted to use the expanded map, because I know my crew well enough that they are going to want to have a map of the larger countryside so as to plan the battle out.

Comments and Critique are welcome
thanks for reposting, i think this will be a great resource to have in the nentir vale subforum!
This is awesome! I wish I had the funds for CC I would definitely be helping generate other towns and villages.
City Designer 3 also excels at actual city design, which I'd eventually like to take a shot at, maybe even doing Sarthel. At this point it's just speculation. For the most part, the stock maps are fine, but Albridge definitely needed the wider map given that an actual battle is slated to take place on the outskirts in the adventure itself. As such, it's needed.

Glad you like it.
Beautiful!!  I wish I could use this sort of software on my Mac!  You did a fabulous job on both these maps. 

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