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Are hybrid cards also considered to be multi-colored or are they mutually exclusive? Are hybrid and multi-colored cards considered to be all the individual colors that make them up (for the purpose of protection from "insert color her" for instance)?
Nivmagus Elemental is both blue and red, no matter what you pay for it

protection from red will work against it, as will protection from blue
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Yes, they are all of the colors. Something like Figure of Destiny is a white and red card in every zone.

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A hybrid card has all colors of the hybrid mana symbol. Golgari Guildmage is both black and green, while Flame Javelin is only red.
Cards that have hybrid mana costs are considered to be all of the colors in its casting cost, regardless of how you pay for them. So, a card like Rakdos Cackler is a multicolored card, having both red and black mana in its mana cost. This means that it couldn't block a creature that had either protection from red, or protection from black.
And gold cards also count as the color of all the mana it costs to play them?
yes, same deal
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And gold cards also count as the color of all the mana it costs to play them?


Rakdos Shred-Freak's colors are Black and Red. Rix Maadi Guildmage's colors are also Black and Red.

Both creatures are Red. Both creatures are Black. Both creatures are multicolored. They can't block Silver Knight. They can't be the target of Doom Blade.

"Hybrid" and "gold" are mostly informal terms. There are five Colors in Magic, an object can have , 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 colors. No color means it's colorless, one color means it's monocolored, two or more measn it's multicolored.

And hybrid cards are considered "multi-colored"?
Yes, a hybrid card (aside from the Flame Javelin cycle) has more than one color, so it's multi-colored.
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Any object, that has more than one color is multicolored, no matter how it got those colors. Scrapbasket is colorless until its ability resolves, then it is multicolored.
any hybrid or gold card is the colors of the mana symbols on it, so nivmagus elemental is blue and red. Cards like Flame Javelin or Gut Shot aren't multicolored because they only have 1 color (red), the rest of it's cost is simply another way to pay for it.

anything spell that costs 2+ colors (gold cards) or gives the choice between colors to pay to cast it (hybrid cards) are multicolored. In the case of hybrid cards it won't matter what you pay to cast them. They are still multicolored. 

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