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a gatherer ruling for spy network says:

10/4/2004Only you get to look. You can't show them to others.


am i allowed to /say/ what i saw, though?
and if the answer to that is yes, am i allowed to "say" what i saw but lie about it? 
Sure, those are both legal options.
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It's hidden information you have (had) access to, you are free to tell other players what that information is.  Since it's hidden information (as opposed to free or derived information) you don't have to tell the truth about, you can indeed lie about what you looked at.

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wow, so it is okay to intentionally mislead your opponent by lying? that sounds so .. unsportsmanlike and really quite like being a jerk!
Yes, but only about hidden information. You can't lie about things that are visible to them, like how many cards are in your hand or how big your Tarmogoyf.

You can lie about hidden information like what cards are in your hand or library, what your morphs are, etc. 
All Generalizations are Bad
okay, i understand. i guess it would be hard to enforce if the rule instead was that you couldn't lie about hidden information, as well.
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