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hi I'm playing a warforged invoker at lvl5 currently. And I'm constantly finding my self in melle. So I was planing to mc avenger as my paragon path would like advice on how to acheice also trying to up my single target dpr as its bad ATM.

aditional info
I'm wielding a warforged arm blade

party consists of :
And me the only ranged person so although idealy I should add ranged damage. I'm nearly always in melle the dm dosent like me having range cause of the multi target damage I kick out.

once again any help would be appreciated
If your DM is always putting you into melee, you don't want to take melee attack options, you want to take options that either:
Get you out of melee or
Punish the DM for trying to put you into melee in the first place.

Staff Expertise means you don't provoke, Thunder of Judgment means you daze 1-3 targets, and if you're a Wrath Invoker, you then push them. If you hit the target(s) that are adjacent to you, they're dazed and then you can move away from them.

If the Warden then moves up to them, they can't attack you without taking an MBA in the process. 
Tbh I wouldn't mind having the option it's usefull in tight spaces . But since there is 4 people in melee I'm dubious about doing it .

extra note I'm useing rods as implements for the extra 2 damage to radiant powers form the special ones which name escapes me.
2 extra damage on a subset of controller powers (which are focused on control, not damage) is inferior to not provoking opportunity attacks and being able to continue controling (and living). Your control and damage go to 0 if you 1. don't cast or 2. die. I'd pick up a staff and staff expertise.
true I suppose though I do like never being without my implement (it's in my arm perk of being a warforged) but yeah living is preferable still need to get my dmg up but that is secondary to wiping all the minions off the map
If the DM likes to engage you in melee, you can also grab Solar Enemy to stick Vulnerable 5 on those enemies before you Hand of Radiance them. Maybe add Devil's Pawn theme to lower their defenses and do a bit more damage. Typical tools for better damage are Accurate Staff of Ruin with Shard of the Mage, and Implement Focus (or other feat bonus you can get away with). Also make sure you start with an 18 in Wisdom. Since you have no racial bonus there, that's pretty much the way it has to be.
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