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Hello Wizards.Com!

I Am Jay And I Have Recently Bought A Dungeons And Dragons Boxed Set Of The 2nd Edition! I Have Read The Included Guides But I Want To Create A Dungeon Adventure For My Friends To Play!

First I Want To Know This, How Do I Create Enemys That Are Custom? The Guide I Have Found Online Tells Me This, Base Enemies Off Of Character Sheet And "Stat" Rolls But Make Health Power Lower And Level Higher! But How Do I Do This? Where Do I Set Points Of Experience Numbers?

Then I Need To Know How To Make The Custom Loot Table For Each Room And Treasure Chest? I Mean Do I Base What The Players Find From Rolls Of A Dice?

Finally How Do I Make Map? The Box I Bought Comes With A Paper That Unfolds To Be Zanner's Dungeon But I Want Mine Own? Do I Buy Big Paper & Draw It Out?

Thank You Very Muc For Reading And Have A Great Day!!!

From Jay

Wow...2edition books..., you know we are in 4th Edition now?

Well anyway, like the book says to make ennemies, simply use the same procces as you would use to make a Player character, just downgrade a bit their damages and Hp's.

Lets say that you go by a base of -25% of what a PC can do, like if you make an ennemy Figther, instead of when attacking he does lets says 18 dmg the Figther NPC would make 10 or 12 dmg, same for HP's.

Don't work on each individual NPC's, you can make more then one type of ennemy, but essentialy they would all share the same profil,only make exceptions for Mini bosses and Bosses, make them on par or sligthly better then the PC's in combat terms and add a +30% HP, or at least +25%.

For the exp points, it depends on how fast you want your players to level up, if you want a steady and balanced exp curve, make each encounter/NPC's so that they give a 10% xp's of what they need to passe a lvl at lvl 1.

For loots, the most simple thing is to ask your players to make a list of what they expect to find, with various lvls and rarity.

Once they have this, you can use two methods.

1) Decide randomly wich item they will find, attribut a number to those items and make them roll a D20, if someone roll a 14 and that there is a number 14 item, then they find it.

2) Make a little Loot chart,up to lvl +4 rare/uncommon items would be available on a result of 18-20 on a D20, from 12 to 18, +2 lvl uncommon items and under 12, lvl +1 common items.

Same can be done for gold, our GM make use throw 4 to 8 D8's depending on our loot roll, and make the total multiplied by 10, and thats the gold the group must share.

As for maps, if you had the 4th ed books and would play in 4thEd there is a few adventures packs/books, with everything necessary to run an adventure and maps, but yeah if you can't find something, search the web for it, there is tones of custom maps or simply draw one.

When i say draw one, just une a generic map of the layouts of your dungeon, as for the actual tactical map, we use a transparent plastic board, with a squared map under it, the Dm simply draws the map on the plastic board by following the lines under to make and change the environment, with dry-board markers.
Does your Dungeon Master's Guide look similar to the one in this picture (6th from the left in the top row)?
If so, there are random dungeon generators and loot tables;  I use the former when I build dungeons (on regular lined paper;  I do my best to scale it and make it flow well enough), but you can find maps online that are usable with some editing.  I use the loot tables as well when filling the dungeon (unless I have a special plan for that room), so it's rather a good book to own.

If not, you may have to either use ones you find online or make your own possibilities. 
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