Is it worth buying mtg: duels of plainswalkers?

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I've been thinking about buying this game for a while now and since it's on 50% discount for 24 hours I just wanted to know how you guys feel about it? Obviously I know that you'll say "yes," since it's the forums of this game, so lemme ask more specifically.

I played mtg in the past (12 years ago?), but I don't know the current meta etc. How fast can I learn how to play and keep at least 50% winnin rate? Where can I read more about current decks, cards, play styles?

Also, any additional comments would be more than welcome.

It's super easy to get back into it; you should absolutuely buy it, it's one of the best gaming values there is.

I started playing right before Ice Age came out and stopped on the second set after Ice Age.  It took a little time to get back into it for me, and almost every card in DOTP is new to me, and there are a few new mechanics I wasn't familiar with or had forgotten about in DOTP 2012, but it doesn't take much time to learn it.  I read a bunch about individual cards at but it's not really necessary to do it for DOTP.

You should also read some of the deck guides at, or watch their videos, or read through some of the deck building lists on this forum for ideas.
Definitely worth buying if you have any interest in MTG.  You don't need to know the current meta in paper magic, DOTP has its own meta.  You will learn the playstyles of the DOTP decks simply by playing them, and you can read about DOTP specific strategieis here on these forums
DEFINITELY worth the buy. I was in the same boat as you when the first one came out, and I basically bought it because I used to love playing and thought it'd be worth a few bucks. This game is ages ahead of the original Duels of the Planeswalkers. The decks are "simple" enough and lots of fun. The biggest hurdle is learning the basics of Magic, and since you already know them, you should be fine.

Like others said, all you should really need to "prepare" yourself, if you feel the need, is to read up on some decklists or something, just to give you a better idea of how the cards function within the format. I'd suggest (personally) TopTierTactics (WingTT on youtube, I think) or Weapons of Mass Gaming (also youtube) videos....they're not exactly god tier players or anything, but they have good insight and are amusing enough to watch.
there are several changes, but nothing really significant.  Play against the ai to unlock your decks and you'll have it all figured out before you tackle other players. 
I've said a few angry things about Wizards/Stainless recently, but even so... absolutely worth buying.  I've put more hours into this than almost anything else this year, and it came out in June.  There is no way dropping $20 on this can be a bad purchase for anyone who likes Magic.

It might not be "enough" Magic to hold you forever, but for the price, if it keeps you happy for a few HOURS it's worth it.
It's like 10 bucks for the whole schebang on Steam....just do it. You definitely won't regret it.

I was ready to say no, but at 50% discount you cant pass it up at that price.
It´s a good game no doubt.. You don´t have the options for customizing your deck (only letting you adjust the deck they build for you), If you have played Magic: duels of the plainswalker 2013, you almost got the same here! just some minor new things, and the loading time on magic 2013, is ridicilous slow, it´s almost as slow as magic 2011..
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