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Simple question that just couldn't be answered in my group with the sources we had. Advanced apologies if the answer was hiding somewhere else in the forums, searches didn't turn anything up for me. I'm playing with a newer group and the party is split. Some of them seem to be under the impression  that augementing an at-will ability cost a minor action (although honestly I have no clue what information led them to believe this). 

Basically I'd like to confirm it costs no action to augment. Additionally I need to check something I wasn't sure of as a result of the previous inquiry:

If you spend an action point to take a standard action, specifically to attack, does that mean if I choose to use an augementable at-will power, that I cannot actually use it augmented?

I am aware that "When a power or some other effect lets a creature use an at-will attack power, the creature can choose to use one of its augmentable attack powers, but must use it unaugmented," ....but an action point shouldn't affect the use of augmentable powers should it? 

Thanks in advance!
The restriction is on things that specify an at-will power.  Action points don't do that, you get another standard action to use, and you can use it on anything.  Augment all you like.
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what mand said.  Augmenting doesn't cost you a minor action.
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Augmenting doesn't cost you a minor action.

Wow, missed that the first time.  Yeah, that's a major error.  Augmenting isn't an action on its own, it's part of using whatever power.
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Augmenting a power essentially makes it an encounter power for psionic characters.  Since encounter powers don't require a minor action to use, I don't understand were the players would get this idea.  But no minor action needed.

Action points allow you to take an extra standard action.  Other classes could use two encounter powers that way, so can a psionic class. 
Worth noting a general point here: the rules do what they say they do, no more, no less.  Nothing says you have to spend a minor action to use pps, so you don't.  Action points grant you a standard action, not an at-will power, and accordingly, you can with it exactly what you can with any other standard action in the same context (with the obvious caveat that your Paragon Path and some of your allies such as Warlords may give you additional options or benefits to your AP action).

Similarly, if your warlord lets your psion make an rba, and he uses Mind Thrust, that is being granted the use of an at-will power specifically, and he therefore cannot augment it.
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There are some powers that are Enhanced by spending a Minor Action instead of being augmented by spending a Power Point, and those powers specifically mention the minor action (Veiled Alliance powers do this, iirc)
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